Military Relocation

When military staff and their families relocate, the services of a real estate professional who understands their needs and timetables makes the transfer easier, faster, and less stressful. That’s why we are certified Military Relocation Professionals (MRP®) here at Golden Lion Realty.

We can help provide the real estate services you need at any stage in your military career. You’ve served us well. We’d be proud to be of service to you as well.


Plan Ahead

Viewing and selecting homes, writing and negotiating a ratified contract can take several very busy days. Dedicating a complete week to this process is not overkill! Be sure to schedule ample, uninterrupted time for this process.


Have your paperwork in order. As soon as you get your PCS orders, make sure to get a mortgage pre-approval in hand. This crucial document gives you a clear picture of your buying power so you don’t fall in love with a place you can’t afford.

VA Loan

One of the big things that sets military and veteran buyers apart from the crowd is the VA loan. These are loans that are guaranteed by the government and therefore come with a few perks; the biggest one is that no down payment is required. None. Nada. But because the government is involved, eligibility comes with many rules and requirements so one of your first steps is to verify your eligibility.

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